//P is for Procrastination

P is for Procrastination

Why is procrastination an issue? Not doing what you should be doing risks you missing out on rewards, promotions, or even your reputation for getting things done.

Challenging yourself not to procrastinate requires digging deep for those tools inherently within you, to help you focus and get on with the job. That way, you will Get More Done!

Procrastination is natural human behaviour. You want to do the things you enjoy, not what you don’t like doing.

You know that doing the tasks you should do achieves the necessary results. Take successfully completing a client’s project; the reward is that, in their delight, they offer you further work, leading to a successful business relationship.

Another example is putting the effort into delivering a large tender document to win an important new client. Or it could be a task as simple as cleaning out the kitchen cupboards! All your efforts will earn rewards – either financially, physically or emotionally. Perhaps simply a sense of achievement or relief.

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