Benefits of using Wild Empowerment

Nikki Wild has hands on experience which allows her to empathise with the pressures and challenges that her clients face.

She has received coaching as a client so understands the relationship from the client’s perspective.

Nikki Wild supports each client at any stage of their professional journey.   Coaching addresses any aspect the Client’s current position in respect to their personal goals and what positive action can be taken.

As an outsider to the issues raised by the client, Nikki Wild brings an objective, non judgemental approach to the matter at hand.

Wild Empowerment operates a strictly confidential coaching process.   That means that Clients are more inclined to discuss honestly their personal and professional circumstances.

Nikki raises the client’s awareness of their values, thought patterns and beliefs.   The client can then explore their true strengths and how these align with their aspirations both personally and professionally.

Nikki works with each client to identify the positive changes open to them.   She then encourages them as they take action towards achieving their goals.

Each Client’s circumstances are unique and their requirements vary.
Some Clients need a sounding board and support which gives them the confidence to take the action they’d already identified.
Some need to look within themselves in order to resolve what seems like an external problem.
Others need to regain balance and focus.

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