In what areas can I be coached?

Wild Empowerment provides coaching in many areas of professional and personal development.   All coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

Areas covered by Wild Empowerment coaching include:

Career direction
Clients gain an understanding of their strengths and define their goals and core values.

Work-life balance
The coaching environment detaches Clients from the daily routine and stress.   Viewing their work and personal lives from a new perspective enables them to make the changes needed to regain balance.

Confidence building
Clients identify their fears and limiting beliefs.   They can then set personal targets and take action to overcome them.   Exploring the client’s comfort, stretch and panic zones allows them to move back from panic.

Managing and coping with change
Clients identify their fears and what they see as perceived threats.   The coaching raises awareness of why the client feels threatened which allows them to overcome resistance to change.
Use of tools for maintaining a positive outlook helps Clients move to a state of acceptance.
Techniques used help Clients to understand their control strategies, how these impact on others and how successful they are.

Work with Clients focuses very strongly on goals and their importance.   The Client is able to identify what has prevented them from achieving their goals in the past.

Team work
Sessions with groups and individuals help the clients raise understanding of the purpose of the team and their contribution.

Focusing around the Client’s goals as leader and the reality of their position includes helping them to define the qualities needed for good leadership and how they can go about developing those qualities.  The is especially appropriate for recently promoted Clients

Conflict resolution
Helps Clients to understand the causes of conflict and to recognise their part in the situation as well as their natural style of response.   They can then see how they can influence the outcome in a positive way.   Seeing the situation from another perspective increases Clients’ awareness and allows them to move towards a win/win resolution.