Client Testemonials

A selection of the comments made by past clients.

“Gave excellent non-judgemental ways of looking at the way to approach “problems”.   I will continue to use these approaches.   Also gave me the ability to continue to look at things from the positive side.   Many thanks.”
Ruth M

“My coaching sessions with Nikki have proved immensely useful in helping me to make some really practical progress in a number of areas.   I’m a polished procrastinator, very skilled at thinking about, talking about, planning and preparing for almost anything!   Despite the fact that I accomplish a lot of ‘doing’ – it’s not always the really important things that get done – and they remain all good intentions.
When I’ve lacked motivation Nikki has taken me to see a new approach that has renewed my enthusiasm.   When I’ve felt despondent about a lack of achievement she has encouraged me with calm (yet persuasive!) support.
Nikki has helped me see how I can play to my strengths and turn a daunting task into an enjoyable challenge – and with a great sense of fun.
Thanks, Nikki for all your time and determination!”
George B

“I began our sessions with the overall goal of choosing a new career for myself.
I set smaller goals for myself and Nikki encouraged me to anticipate anything that might get in the way in order to overcome problems before they arrive.   This was a hugely successful method that had me steaming my way through dilemmas faster than I ever would have gone on my own.
We also talked a great deal about values and what is important to me.   Halfway through our course of coaching sessions I lost someone I was very close to.  This led me to re think my goal and, with Nikki’s encouragement, I decided to do what I really wanted to do – to write a book.   Without Nikki’s help the book would probably have remained a pipe dream.
Coaching has been a perfect way to help me, a natural procrastinator, to get out of the routine of wondering if there’s anything better I could be doing.   I have decided exactly what I want to do and I now have the tools I need to do it.”
Helen M

"I found our talk very calming and helpful. You encouraged me to think of all of the positive points rather than what was going through my head - all of the negative points!   You gave me a few tips: breathing exercises etc which helped me.   I went ahead so found your help very successful, thank you."
April S

"The first session alerted me to a pattern of behaviour relating to assertiveness and asking for things and information from other people. I was able to rehearse a request and manage the attitude with which I approached a problem. The outcome was that a transition in my life was made much smoother.   Nikki also helped me with organisational issues and time management to do with work. She helped me identify patterns in my work life.  I was able to see my current working style as an uneven up and down pattern rather than the straight smooth line that would make my life less stressful.
Another session helped me look more positively at a creative project.   It helped unblock my resistance to continuing to work hard on the piece.   Nikki helped me remember the reasons why I embarked on the project in the first place and helped me see the benefits of moving forward.
Since beginning the sessions, I have felt somewhat calmer and more in control of my life.   I have gained valuable insights into the way I work, how best to find motivation and negotiate with others.   I thank Nikki for her patience, skill in adapting the coaching model to my needs and for her care and insight."
Martha C

"As a result of my coaching sessions with Nikki, I have taken the following steps towards my goals

I found the sessions invaluable in helping me to make progress in areas where I knew what I wanted but seemed only to be drifting, rather than achieving.
In addition to my the huge steps that I have been able to make towards my goals, Nikki enabled me to learn more about myself through her skillful questioning, resulting in my identifying several limiting beliefs that I held about myself and have now been able to rethink.
Nikki’s coaching has been of an excellent standard, and she has a delightful manner when coaching and an incredible ability to get to the key ‘issue’.
My life has been significantly improved as a result of the changes that I have now made, and I am extremely grateful to Nikki for the skillful coaching that she has provided."
Theresa K