Are you struggling to find the success that you know is possible?

Many Directors and business owners struggle to grow their companies because they are held back by stress and stuck dealing with the day-to-day issues.  There’s no time for themselves and no time to focus on their personal or business growth.  I work with my clients to find the time and focus that they need, so that they can generate tangible results and a positive ROI.

I’m Nikki Wild and my mission is to transform the world of finance executives and entrepreneurial business owners who are stressed, struggling or stuck.

  • Following many years of experience in busy finance departments, now I work with stressed Finance Directors, assisting them to develop effective teams and reduce their stress levels.
  • My finance background means that I bring a commercial input to assist owners of established SMEs who are serious about growing their companies with an emphasis on personal growth for business growth.
  • With over 10 years as a professional coach and mentor, I work with recently qualified coaches, assisting them to grow profitable businesses and develop their coaching skills.

My business values are:

  • Collaboration – developing an alliance between each client and myself
  • Service – how can I be of assistance?
  • Learning – what are we learning today and how can we use that to strengthen the future of your business?

My vision is for all my clients to operate in a world of positivity, motivation and achievement – because that’s more enjoyable and rewarding than the alternatives.

How will we achieve this? By challenging beliefs, changing perspectives and turning “I can’t…” into “I can!”

If you would like to join me on this mission and find the success that you know is possible in your business, call me on 07766 004964 or click here to email me.