Lifting Finance out of the Red and into the Green

Would you like a world in which there is no more stress for people working in finance? No more bullying or having to work very long hours, just because everyone else did it before you?

We all know that deadlines and pressure can help you to get your job done but they only work when they give you positive stress that helps you to achieve more. It’s about working with energy and the correct attitude and mindset.

Your team members have all been taught how to do accounts properly, but not how to be good accountants. You know that throwing more technical training at the problem will not solve it. You know that success is possible and that there is a better way. But what will solve the problem? How can you build a better team that works and plays effectively together, reducing your level of stress?

As a former Financial Director, I empathise with the issues that you are facing. I know that you need someone to point you in the direction of a solution that will work for you first time.

How Can I Help You?

I work with stressed FDs who positively believe that success is possible – you know what it is to be successful and you want more of it, with less stress. You are clear about what you want and have clarity of thinking. You are taking responsibility for your career and are looking for a long-term relationship with someone who can support you as you work towards your success.

If you have a strong sense of needing fulfilment – doing something interesting in order to make a difference – and if you would like to transform the boardroom through your work, then we should talk about how I can help you to achieve even more – with less stress.

Call me now on 07766 004964 or click here to email me and we can start talking about how to reduce your stress to take you out of the red and into the green.