P is for Procrastination

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Why is procrastination an issue? Not doing what you should be doing risks you missing out on rewards, promotions, or even your reputation for getting things done. Challenging yourself not to procrastinate requires digging deep for those tools inherently within you, to help you focus and get on with the job. That way, you [...]

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C is for Change

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Whether you’re an individual working for a company that’s going through a period of change, or a manager who needs to help steer your team through the rough waters of change, the following should help you navigate safely to a place of acceptance and calm. Here, I explain about the different emotions that people go [...]

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What’s the Difference Between a Coach and a Mentor?

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When you’re wondering which avenue to take to help move your business forward, don’t try and do it all by yourself. Trying to take the whole world on your shoulders could end in disaster! Instead, get some help. […]

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